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Enjoy Earth Tykes stories about mystical adventures, space travel and the mythical kingdoms of the inner Earth, on a mission to save the world.


    Long ago before our modern history books began, there was a time when many different peoples lived upon the Earth. Strange and marvellous cities were scattered around the world and advanced technology flying machines were a common sight in the skies. As time went by however, problems began to develop which were caused by a misuse of power by a small group of people who were in control of most of the world, they had forgotten about love. The world became very unbalanced and eventually cities and even entire continents sank beneath the waves in a great flood that covered most of the Earth for a time. Where there was land people moved underground into caves to shelter from the cold weather extremes which followed the mighty flood. The people that were saved began to split into small tribes some of which remain hidden even today. One of the tribes that survives those times were the Earth Tykes, a race of little people who have been watching events in the world ever since. The Earth Tykes have remained hidden from humans for safety, they do not wish to become like another species threatened with extinction in a seemingly uncaring world.

    In our stories we shall follow four of the Earth Tykes through their adventures here on Earth, inside the Earth, in their dream worlds and sometimes out in space where many other peoples live. Enjoy!

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Hanta the Wise and the Earth Tykes transcend this physical world to seek advice from an Oriental prince at his spiritual home in 'The Secret Voyage'.

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